Mamalila SoftShell Babywearing Jacket Review

I’ve been testing out the Mamalila soft shell for a week now and wanted to blog about how amazing this coat is.  For those that aren’t familiar, Mamalila is a German babywearing outerwear company that has been making innovative babywearing coats for several years and their designs have won many awards.  They take pride in ensuring they minimize their ecological footprint not only through their manufacturing but in the coats themselves.  All of their products are manufactured in fair working conditions and where possible made in Europe.  

The soft shell coat can be worn with baby on front, back, as a maternity coat or as a regular coat.  My first impressions when looking/trying it on was that their is a lot of attention to detail in the design.  The coat also does fit true to size (based on their recommended sizing chart). The softshell material is designed to breathable, windproof and waterproof so it is very versatile.

Here is an image of me in and the demo doll trying out the front carry position.  

Using the coat for the front wearing position with my demo doll.

The babywearing insert comes with a 2 way adjustable hood.  There are snaps on either side of the hood to adjust it down and you can also adjust the hood using the center velcro strap.  The hood also has a bunjee to tighten and snaps on either side of the hood to snap the hood up in inclement weather (similar to a hood in a buckle carrier).  Installing both the babywearing insert and maternity insert on the front and back was very easy.  

I did test out the maternity insert with the coat as well thanks to a beach ball playing the part of my bump ;).     

Lastly I tested out back carrying in the Mamalila soft shell coat.  For back carrying, I removed my hood (very easily as it just zips off) so it wouldn’t be in the baby’s face.  My demo doll is smaller than the average sized baby you would be back carrying, so ideally you would want baby’s head to be a bit higher.  Getting any coat on in a back carry does take some skill but compared to other coats I have tried, this coat was very easy to get on and pop over baby’s head.  I didn’t play around too much with adjusting the hood on the insert to get a snugger fit as it is only fall but it could be adjusted more if you were worried about winter drafts.  

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