Why use a Babywearing Consultant

A Babywearing Consultant, also known as a Babywearing Educator, can help you reach your babywearing goals with ease.  Consultants are trained to work with you and your baby’s needs as well as goals to tailor the perfect babywearing solution and teach you how to use your carrier with ease and confidence.  

During a babywearing consultation you can expect to go discuss your needs and goals.  If you are looking to find the perfect carrier, we will likely discuss how you plan to use the carrier and any specific things that are important to you. If you are looking to get help with an existing carrier, we will discuss what area/areas you are struggling with.  

While Babywearing Consultations in person can be a bit easier and allow hands on adjustments, virtual consultations through zoom are also an option.  My most recent Babywearing training was taken through Zoom and I am quite proficient in virtual consulting as well as in person.  

Babywearing Consultants have knowledge in all types of baby and toddler carriers:  buckle carriers (ssc’s), ring slings, baby wraps (stretchy, woven and hybrid), meh dais, onbuhimos and half buckle carriers.


You may be wondering why you should pay for a consultation when you could visit a babywearing group, youtube or babywearing friend for free. That is also an option for you and babywearing groups/friends can help support you on your babywearing journey. For some people, a one on one setting with a trained babywearing professional can be more stress free and it may also be more comforting to know that you are receiving un biased current advice/industry practices from a trained industry professional.

Book a Babywearing Consultation Here

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