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Beco 8 Carrier

March 10, 2017

Beco 8 Carrier

The new Beco 8 carrier has been here for a few weeks and I've been meaning to blog about all of the great features this carrier it has.  The carrier has similarities to both the Beco Gemini and the Boba 4G.  What makes this carrier great:

• Baby fit: 7 – 45 lbs
• Infant insert included (similar to Boba 4G insert) 
• Foldable padded built-In headrest and sleeping hood
• Padded crossable shoulder straps
• Zippered airflow panel
• Lumbar support pad
• Lightweight and machine washable

Beco 8 Dimensions

  • Seat width: 14″
  • Panel height with headrest down: 15″
  • Panel height with headrest up: 18″
  • Supportive waist belt 24″ up to 54″
  • Adjustable chest strap

  Boba vs Beco 8                                                                                 Beco Gemini vs Beco 8

As you can see from the photos, the Beco 8 is larger in width and height than the Beco Gemini.  The Beco 8 is the same height as the Boba 4G but the Boba 4G has a slightly wider panel.  If you raised the head support up on the Beco 8 it can make the panel a bit higher.  

The improvements the Beco 8 has over both the Boba 4G and the Beco Gemini are the airflow panel and lumbar support.  The straps also have the ability to be crossed (like the Beco Gemini) and they come with 2 way adjusters (like the Boba 4G) which makes getting the perfect fit easier. 

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