How To Clean Your Baby Carrier

March 20, 2020

How To Clean Your Baby Carrier

How to properly wash your carrier to keep the fabric clean, safe and prolong your baby carrier's service life.

Not sure how/if/when to clean your baby carrier.  Keep reading to learn how to clean different carrier types and materials of carriers. 

First off, you will want to check with your manufacturer's care instructions so see what their recommendations are to do with how to wash and dry the carrier.  

Buckle Baby Carriers, Half Buckle Carriers and Meh Dais

Most buckle baby carriers will recommend spot washing if possible.  That's because frequently washing your buckle carrier can actually cause the carrier to prematurely age.  To spot wash your carrier all you need is mild soap, a wash cloth and some water.  

If your carrier is quite dirty and needs a full wash, hand-washing in a tub or on the hand-washing machine is recommended with cool to warm water.  Before you put your carrier in the tub or laundry machine, make sure to clip all of the buckles together to protect them from banging around.  You should use a gentle liquid dertergent free from softeners and optical brighteners.  When your carrier is done in the tub or machine, you can lay flat or hang to dry.  To speed up drying I like to roll my buckle carriers in a towel first to absorb as much water as possible.  

Baby Wraps (Woven, Stretchy and Hybrid)

With wraps it's often recommended to wash prior to first us (this is especially true for woven wraps) as it sets the fibres.  Make sure to check the care tag on your wrap before washing.  In general, most cotton wraps can be machine washed and dried.  I also like to use a gentle liquid detergent free from softeners and optical brighteners.  Some wraps are recommended to be washed in a pillow case or laundry garment bag (Wrapsody Breeze and Hybrid).  

Ring Slings

Ring slings can be machine washed and dried.  If you are machine washing your ring sling, placing a sock over the rings will protect them from banging around in the machine and getting scratched.  I use a gentle liquid detergent free from softeners and optical brighteners when washing my ring slings.  

Fabric Considerations


Wool can be washed either by hand in a tub or in a laundry machine if you have a wool wash setting with cool water.  With wool it is recomended that you use a wool safe laundry detergent.  I like to use Eucalan Wool Wash and handwash my wool items in a tub.  For wool wraps it's best to lay flat to dry.  I first roll any moisture out of my wool wraps with a towel and then lay the wrap flat to dry on a new dry towel making sure that the wrap is out of any direct sunlight.


Linen should be washed in cool water on the gentle setting in your machine.  With linen, hanging to dry is recommended as machine drying can be hard on linen fibres.  


Bamboo should be washed in cool cool water on the gentle setting in your machine and be air dried.  


I like to care for Silk the same way I would care for Wool.  Handwashing using a wool wash (Eucalan) with cool water and hanging to dry.   

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