Integra Baby Solar (Water) Carriers

March 12, 2020

Integra Baby Solar (Water) Carriers

Pre-order your Integra Baby Solar Carrier Now

The Integra Solar carrier is a lightweight, highly breathable carrier made out of sun protective fabric.  It can be used in the water and is VERY quick to dry.  The Integra Solar is available in 3 sizes: size 1 (baby), size 2 (toddler) and size 3 (preschool).

image of integra solar baby carrier at beach on sand with other beach baby items

While I do carry some stock of Integra Solars, I won't be carrying all the colours and sizes so this is a great time to get your carrier before the heat arrives and get the exact carrier you want.

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The pre-order closes March 16th at midnight and the carriers should take approximately 3 weeks to arrive to Yellow Birch.  Follow the link HERE to pre-order.  

Image of woman wearing baby in integra solar baby carrier

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