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Isara The One Baby Carriers

November 16, 2018

Isara The One Baby Carriers

Our very first Isara order has arrived and we are excited to be the only Canadian store carrying their newest carrier, The One.  I've been testing one out for a week and I am in love!

Right out of the box the carrier was extremely soft.  All The One carriers are wrap conversion made out of Isara's own jacquard woven wrap fabric.  They are 100% organic cotton that is GOTS certified.  

Some of the amazing features:

  • The carrier is extremely adaptable to all body types.  You can extend the should straps so they can fit both petite and large/tall frames easily.  
  • The body panel can be widened so it is suitable from normal birth to toddlerhood.
  • The carrier also come additional extenders that can be hooked into the body panel and thread through the waist panel to make the panel grow wider for preschoolers.
  • The waist padding is made out of memory foam so it moulds perfectly to your body.  
  • The hood is removable.
  • The should straps can be crossed when wearing your baby on your front (I find this to be extremely comfortable).


I know it can be hard to gauge how big a panel is so below are some comparison  photos to other popular buckle carriers on the market.

Below is Isara The One on the left and Tula Free to Grow on the right.  Both are in the narrowest panel width and height settings.

Isara The One compared to Tula FTG

Below is the Isara The One on the left and Tula Free to Grow on the right in the widest panel width and height settings.

Isara The One and Tula Free to Grow at widest settings

Below is the Tula Free to Grow overtop of the Isara The One.  Isara The One is slightly wider than the Tula Free to Grow.

Isara The One and Tula Free to Grow

Below is the Isara The One (without the extenders) overtop of a Toddler Tula.

Isara The One and Toddler Tula

Below is a photo of the Isara The One with the extenders attached compared to a toddler Tula. 

Isara The One with extenders compared to toddler tula

The only drawback to this carrier is that because it is so versatile (ie. designed to go from birth to preschoolhood) there are a lot of adjustment straps.  This may seem overwhelming when you are learning how to use and adjust the carrier.  These carriers are priced at $298-$308 which is on the higher end for a buckle carrier.  Most canvas buckle carriers are around $200 but this carrier has been manufactured using woven wraps made out of certified organic cotton so for the increase in price you are getting a higher quality and softer material for you and your baby.  This carrier is also a carrier that will last you your entire wearing days (ie. no need to purchase a toddler or preschool carrier) which will save you some $$$ in the end.

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