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Marvelous Meh Dais

November 05, 2016

Marvelous Meh Dais

Meh Dais (pronounced May-Die) are amazing carriers that often don't get all the praise that they deserve. Meh dais originate from Asia and are a square panel with straps at all four corners, two for shoulder straps and two for the waist.

Here are some reasons why meh dais are awesome:

  • They fit from birth to toddlerhood.
  • They are completely adjustable to fit a myriad of body types (from small to big).
  • They pack down a lot tinier than a conventional buckle carrier.
  • They can be used for front and back carries.
  • They are supportive for even heavy babies.
  • They are an in between carrier for those who want the closeness of a wrap but the convenience of a buckle carrier.

At Yellow Birch we carry three different meh dai brands: Moa Po, Diva Milano and Babylonia BB Tai.

Here is a break down of all three carriers:



From left to right: Moa Po Meh Dai, Babylonia BB Tai and Diva Milano Meh Dai

Moa Po

  • 44 cm wide by 52 cm tall
  • 8-35 pounds
  • Hourglass body panel shape (when you roll the waist to wear a newborn the body panel naturally narrows)
  • Head rest
  • Padded shoulder straps that widen to wrap straps (21 cm wide)
  • Un-padded waist
  • 100% organic cotton twill and most cotton prints are also organic
  • Made in Canada

BB Tai

  • 42 cm wide by 52 cm tall
  • 8-35 pounds
  • Removable infant insert
  • Padded head rest
  • Wide wrap straps (35 cm wide)
  • Legs out padding
  • Padded waist
  • Made out of Babylonia BB Slen woven wrap material
  • 100% organic cotton made in a fair trade project in India

Diva Milano

  • 40 cm wide by 42 cm tall
  • 8-35 pounds
  • Body panel can be adjusted from 20-40 cm to allow for wearing a newborn
  • Head rest
  • Wrap straps (21 cm wide)
  • Un-padded waist
  • Made out of Diva Milano Essenza woven wrap material
  • Material is woven in India
  • 100% cotton


Left: Babylonia BB Tai infant insert, Right: Strap width comparison

Meh Dais in Use:


From left to right: Babylonia BB Tai, Moa Po Meh Dai and Diva Milano Meh Dai

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