Thirsties Pandamonium is HERE!!!

November 23, 2019

Thirsties Pandamonium is HERE!!!

Thirsties Pandamonium is releasing again this year on Black Friday.  Pandamonium will have a new look with black trim on the Duo wraps.  Last year's release sold out FAST so if you are on the fence I wouldn't delay. 

Pandamonium will be releasing on Friday November 29 at 12am EST.  If it were up to me I would've picked a more reasonable time (I go to sleep by 10) but unfortunately I must release at the time dictated by Thirsties.

Thirsties Pandamonium will be available in Duo Wraps (Snaps and Hook and Loop) as well as One Size Natural All in Ones.  Unfortunately at the stocking I was unable to secure any One Size Natural Pockets.  

The listing will be live HERE at 12am on Black Friday.  

If you are looking for more Thirsties, there are lots of new releases and limited editions still in stock that can be found HERE.  

Thirsties Pandamonium Duo Wrap SnapsThirsties Pandamonium Duo Wrap Hook and LoopThirsties Pandamomium One Size NAIO

There is free shipping (within Canada and worldwide) on orders over $99 and lettermail shipping will be available in Canada for small orders of 1-2 diaper covers or 1 One Size Natural All in One.  

If you are looking to get started cloth diapering or are new and have some questions feel free to send me an email.

Happy diapering,


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