Babywearing Outerwear

Mamalila Wool Cover


A cover like a sleeping bag in which the baby can cuddle up when sinking temperatures demand extra protection and there is no babywearing jacket to hand. The mamalila babywearing cover made from natural boiled wool with its organic cotton inner lining, which completely surrounds the baby, is especially suitable for newborns and young babies. It’s compatible with all types of carriers, from wraps to Mei Tais to carriers, and can be used by either parent. The jacket is simply left open, and the boiled wool of the cover keeps baby dry and warm. Ideal for families where both parents carry and don’t wish to invest in separate jackets or when a babywearing jacket would be too warm.

Top: 100% wool, Bottom: 100% cotton (color brown / beige: kba cotton / GOTS certified) 
Carrier: 100% cotton