Yaro Slings

Yaro Slings Woven Wraps and Ring Slings

A woven wrap is a customizable option perfect for both newborns and toddlers.  There is a slightly steeper learning curve compared to other baby carrier styles but don't let that stop you.  The beauty of woven wraps is that there are many different carries you can tie allowing for more comfort and versatility.  Yaro woven wraps come in lots of beautiful blends and patterns.  

New to babywearing or toddlerwearing and not sure what to do?  We love to help! All carrier purchases come with a FREE 20 minute video consultation with a trained babywearing educator should you require help once you receive your carrier.  We are based in Guelph, Ontario Canada.  There is free shipping in Canada, to the US or worldwide on orders over $125.