Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

Yellow Birch is doing a trial Affiliate Program until the end of December 2020.  If the program is successful it will continue on.  This is a great program to share your love of Yellow Birch's amazing products:  baby carriers (and babywearing), cloth diapers and natural parenting products and earn MONEY too.

If you are approved to be a Yellow Birch affiliate, you will be given a traceable link to share.  You can share it in places like your social media (Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc.) or pass it along to friends.  If they click on the link, a cookie will be used to track their use of the site for 30 days after they clicked your link.  Each person that you refer to the store that makes a purchase within 14 days of using your link, you make a commission off of.    

Yellow Birch will pay you 4% commission on any sales your link generates from new or recurring customers.  Once your balance reaches $20 CAD, you will be paid out by EMT, Paypal or a Gift Card, whichever you prefer. 

Unfortunately, if your affiliate account becomes inactive for a longer period of time, we may need to deactivate your account.   If this is the case you will be paid by EMT or Paypal for balances over $20 CAD and by Gift Certificate for balances under $20.  

If you would like to apply to be an affiliate, click HERE



Fine Print:  Affiliate terms and conditions can be changed or deleted at any time.  From time to time we may deactivate inactive affiliate accounts.  If this occurs you will be paid out in cash if over $20 and in gift certificate form if under $20.