Girasol Free Elf Ring Sling by Risaroo

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Girasol Free Elf Ring Sling by Risaroo

If you love the look of a woven wrap but prefer to use a ring sling, then a wrap conversion ring sling might be the right choice for you.

Each ring sling is adjustable making it one size fits all (2m long), perfect for sharing with your partner! It’s unpadded sleek design means it can easily fit in a diaper bag or purse. The ring sling's open tail allows you to adjust your sling perfectly and comes in handy for a blanket or sun shade.

Girasol woven wraps are handwoven in Guatemala. Because of their handwoven nature there may be minor imperfections such as small yarn pulls, weavers knots, weft line marks or hangs of yarn. These imperfections are often referred to as "Slubs and Nubs". These beauty marks are a reminder that your wrap is a unique one of a kind treasure.


App. 215,84 g/m²

Shoulder style

100% pure cotton, no chemical treatment or finishing; Slingrings made of Aluminiun

Suitable for
From newborn till toddler,
also suitable for pre-mature babies (after consulting your midwife or pedeatrician)

One ring sling, instruction manual

Washing Instructions
Machine washable, 30° up to 60°. To protect the fabric as well as the environment we recommend a low temperature.
Please use mild detergent and a gentle cycle (low spin, max. 900 rev.). No bleach, no brighteners.
Do not use fabric softener.
Put your ring sling in a washing net or pillow case to protect washing machine and rings. Do not tumble dry because of the rings. Air-dry only.

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