Girasol WrapMySol Rainbow Dreamer Half Buckle Carrier

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Waist Style

Girasol WrapMySol Rainbow Dreamer Half Buckle Carrier

The way the WrapMySol s constructed is very close to our MySol®. The distinguishing feature are the wide wrap like shoulder straps providing for an even better weight distribution. This carrier is a wrap conversion, closer to a wrap than the MySol®. A combination of the best of both worlds, woven wrap and buckle carrier.

WrapMySol with buckle belt:

With the WrapMySol version with a buckle hip belt you purchase a baby carrier with a hip belt not to tie, but to click with a buckle. When different people of different height and build use the WrapMySol, the buckle hip belt has to be adjusted individually. Many customers feel that back carry (recommended for babies with head control) is easier with the buckle belt. The WrapMySol with buckle belt is not as easily reversible as the WrapMySol with waist belt to tie. Please note: A waist belt to tie is not included here.

+ very easy to use

+ facilitates back carry

- If used by people with different sizes, the buckle belt needs to be adjusted individually

- more plastic parts

- reversibility of carrier limited

Girasol woven wraps are handwoven in Guatemala. Because of their handwoven nature there may be minor imperfections such as small yarn pulls, weavers knots, weft line marks or hangs of yarn. These imperfections are often referred to as "Slubs and Nubs". These beauty marks are a reminder that your wrap is a unique one of a kind treasure.


All our Baby Carriers are ASTM F2236 compliant.

All our Baby Carriers are PROP 65 compliant.



Suitable for

From newborn till toddlerhood (app. size 50/56 – 98 or age 2+)


One WrapMySol babycarrier with waistband to tie, a handy pouch, a chest belt to be closed with Velcro for back carry, a nice storage bag made from matching wrap fabric for safekeeping your WrapMySol and an instruction leaflet.

Washing instruction:

Machine washable, 30°up to 60°, preferably in a pillow case. To protect the fabric as well as the environment we recommend a low temperature. Please use mild detergent and a gentle cycle (max. 900 rev., for delicated), no softener or brightener.

No dryer. Do not iron waist belt.


Shoulder Straps – width: 32 cm, length: 1,95 m to the short side, 2,10 m to the long side (with tapered ends)

Waist belt–app. 2,30 m

Middle: padded part app. 0,80 m

unpadded part–app. 0,70 m

Back Panel - app. 35 cm resp. 44 cm

Length above waist belt–app. 60 cm

Seat min. 15 cm - 50 cm max.

Hood–max. 23 cm

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