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Liliputi Soft Leather Babywearing Booties


  • Recommended by Orthopedic Doctors
  • Soft, flexible 3 layer sole
  • Real woolen lining all inside
  • Safe, soft, leather upper
  • Velcro closures for easy and safe fastening
  • Made of safe and certified non toxic leather

The upper side of the booties is natural, soft but resistant, made of high-quality nappa leather. Because of the excellent breathing character of the leather, the child´s feet do not sweat into the booties.

The sole has three layers: Between the non-slip suede soles and the inner leather lining, a layer of 3mm elastic foam provides insulation and reduces the pressure on the joints, while running on hard ground.

The booties are easy to get on, by using the flexible ankle band, which stays fixed. We supplied the toe of the booties, providing enough space for the free movement of toes, and helping a free feet development.

The Liliputi® Soft Soled Booties are not suitable for activities such as crawling, hiking, playing soccer or when using a tricycle. They are ideal for babywearing, and are especially recommended during the cruising phase when learning to walk and also later as a perfect alternate of being barefoot.

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