Pollora Anteia Elaine

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Pollora "Anteia Elaine"

Anteia - goddess of gardens, flowers and of the developing earth and love.

Purple - blue tendrils on berry, that very gently and tenderly grow around your little one.
Pure elegance.


Weight: approx 220g/m/²
Material: 100% cotton
Color: Blue weft on berry/purple organic cotton warp
Weave: Prime

The Pollora Prime line has the finest jacquard weave, the fabric is constructed in almost all of our designs with cross twill to guarantee the perfect diagonal stretch. This is the weave we use the most. The weave is very dense as we use yarns with a different thickness in warp and weft to ensure high comfort while wearing and to avoid that the sling becomes loose. This also makes it possible to realize very fine and detailed designs.

A good companion through your entire time of babywearing.

Pollora slings are tested according to the strictest criteria to ensure that there are not harmful substances in our products.